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Covering Kettering, Wellingborough, Northampton, Corby and beyond.

From installation and repair of boilers and central heating, to leak detection and repair, our experienced team of plumbers have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any general plumbing job, or specialised service.

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Professional Plumbing Services Northamptonshire

DS Plumbing and Heating are a long-established Northamptonshire company, providing a range of professional plumbing services. 

Whether you need a new boiler installed or an emergency repair carried out, we have the experience and expertise to provide a quality service. Our customers benefit from emergency call-out response times of same day where possible.

DS Plumbing and Heating provide landlord certificates upon request and provide customers with invoices for each job.

Leak Detection and General Plumbing Solutions

Our experienced team of plumbers are experts at leak detection and repairs to pipe work due to frozen pipes or other damage. From adjusting water pressure to adding pipe insulation, we provide a full service to ensure minimal chances of minor or major leaks.

We fit and fix indoor and outdoor plumbing including adding outside taps for your garden or driveway. Our skilled plumbers are also adept at fitting specialised tap systems such as instant hot water taps and spray hose taps.

Just moved into a new home? We can do a full check of your pipe work, boiler and radiator system to identify any immediate issues and advise on future work to consider, with no obligation.

Plumber,Fixing,Water,Tap,In,A,Bathroom,Using,SpannerDS Plumbing and Heating plumbing services include fixing and fitting indoor and outdoor taps
DS Plumbing and Heating repairing pipework under wooden floorboards in Desborough

"Professional and brilliant service" from DS Plumbing and Heating

“Very professional and brilliant service.

Had a damp patch showing through the wall behind my washing machine in my new build home.

Was able to identify and repair and left no mess super happy with the work carried out.

Ryan Skingle, Google Review

Drainage Solutions in Northamptonshire

If you’re experiencing problems with drainage, DS Plumbing and Heating can provide the solution. From unblocking drains and sewers to resolving flooding issues, our experienced team of plumbers have the knowledge and expertise to provide a quality drainage service.

We carry out a thorough assessment of the issue before providing a tailored solution that aims to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Plumber,repairing,A,Broken,Water,Pipe,On,The,Concrete. DS Plumbing and Heating plumbing services include fixing drainage and pipe issues

Frequently Asked Questions about Plumbing

What should I do if there is a leak in my home?

If you notice a leak the first action to take is to turn your water off. Locate the stopcock and make sure it is turned all the way off.

You may want to turn of your heating and electricity if you’re worried the leak is coming from the heating system or water is near wires.

Next, run your taps to make sure all the water leaves the pipes.

Call a plumber to identify the problem and fix it before it gets worse.

Whilst you wait for a plumber, you may want to move furniture or other household items out of the way of the leak in case they get damaged. A dehumidifier is a good way of collecting excess moisture caused by a leak.

How can I prevent water leaks in my home?

Plumbing leaks can spring for a variety of reasons so there are several ways you can prevent them.

  1. Get your boiler serviced
  2. Maintain good water pressure
  3. Check before you hammer
  4. Use pipe insulation
  5. Don’t let your pipes freeze
  6. Regularly check for seal deterioration

Get your boiler serviced regularly, at least once a year. Boiler servicing can help identify issues with pipes and water pressure.

Keep your water pressure at a sensible level. You need enough pressure for water to get through your pipes but don’t have it too high as that can cause too much stress on the pipework.

Don’t put holes in your pipes. This might seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people cause leaks because they have hang pictures up without checking what they were hammering or drilling in to. Use a stud finder to detect pipes in the walls so you can avoid damaging them. Stud finders are also great for detecting wires.

Insulate your pipes to protect them from freezing. Frozen water expands which can cause damage to pipes. Insulation reduces the likelihood and severity of freezing pipes, plus it keeps your water cooler in the summer too.

Turn your boiler to frost settings. Your boiler might have a setting that automatically detects when temperatures have reached freezing and warms the water so it doesn’t freeze in the pipes.

Check your appliances and taps regularly. The seals on appliances like dishwashers and washing machines can wear out over time so it’s important to check their integrity. The same goes for toilets, baths, showers and sinks; anywhere there are pipes connecting.

How to add a pipe to the outside of my house?

DS Plumbing and Heating can install outside taps in most cases. We work with you to find the best spot that suits your needs and is most cost effective. We also look for the simplest solution that fits your budget and will be the least time-consuming and invasive.

As part of our service, we can also find and purchase the appropriate tap type to save you the hassle.

Why Choose Us for Plumbing

It’s simple really. We turn up when we say we will and perform the job to the highest standards. No short-cuts and no compromise.

When you place your trust in us, you can be sure that we’ll deliver the most effective and efficient plumbing and heating solutions.
We will work with you to achieve your goals within budget using quality products and fittings.
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